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Like many graphic design fields, working in advertising takes far beyond creating designs and page layouts. While a specific job may be to create a print ad for a campaign, this field requires an understanding of marketing, public relations and consumers. Along with the business side, a design in the advertising field will need to know a great deal about print production and preparing works for print in various publications and formats.

IStrides Technologies delivers you customized Graphics & Printing solutions with a state of art. Our expert and skilled team of best technical designers are devoted into high quality deliverables to meet or exceed your expectations. How you represent your Company to the marketplace affects the type and amount of business you will attract. We help you shape and define the most impressive profile for your business through Advertisement Graphics and related services. From Image advertising, mail order, black & white to colour, we never forget that even the smallest ad we prepare for your company speaks volumes about your organization and ours.

Some of our related service includes :

  • Design magazine advertisements
  • Design newspaper advertisements
  • Perform consumer research
  • Need a thorough understanding of the brand
  • Handle projects from design to production
  • Work directly or for an ad agency
  • Understand both print and online advertising
  • Work directly with illustrators,photographers and other team members

How does it work

We design the layout; you proof it by viewing the layout on the Internet or in person. Files can be mailed to you and your local printer in their desired format, or we can make arrangements for film, ad placement, printing, bindery, and delivery. If you choose, we can handle it all.

The communication objective is the essence of your message. A precise and well-defined objective is crucial to good print ad material. If your objective isn’t right on, then everything that follows will be off as well. At IStrides, we help you figure out whom your message is intended for and define your target audience. Depending on your target market, we will design an ad that clearly conveys your message.

A poster, a half-page magazine ad, or a tiny box in the corner of a newspaper; We will make this decision based on the target audience you’re trying to reach, and your budget. A lot can be done with a small ad so long as it’s strong, clear, and properly targeted.

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